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A 60, Not 57, or 63-Card Mewtwo Deck - Caleb Gedemer's Virginia Regionals

Caleb Gedemer



Hey, Trainers, welcome back to Dead Draw Gaming. I just got back from Roanoke, Virginia, and I’m excited to share my adventure with you! Going into the event, I was trying to decide between playing Decidueye-GX / Vileplume or a Vespiquen deck, but both had their own problems, mainly inconsistency issues, something very unappealing to me. I always have M Mewtwo-EX (64) on the backburner, and a few days before the event I decided that I’d play my old pal, and that’s exactly what I did.

I left for Virginia from Wisconsin with my pals Austin, and fellow Dead Draw Gaming writer, Ryan Grant, on the Thursday morning before the big day. We drove all day, and arrived soaking wet from the torrential rain at our extremely sketchy hotel around 3:00 A.M. I fell asleep quickly, and spent all of Friday hanging out, and looking for Lurantis blisters at Walmart.

I didn’t play any games Thursday, or even on Friday, since I was so confident in my deck choice, and didn’t want to be discouraged, or swayed, at the last minute. Mewtwo had some of the best matchups across the board going into the event, and I was very confident in my ability to play it effectively. Now, without further ado, I hope you enjoy reading about how my games went, enjoy!


05/06/2017 | Roanoke, Virginia | Standard Format | Espeon-GX/Garbodor/Hoopa-EX/M Mewtwo-EX/Shaymin-EX


Deck List


Pokemon – 15

Trainers – 35

Energy – 10

1 Eevee SUM 101

1                     Espeon-GX SUM 61

2                     Shaymin-EX ROS 77 1 Hoopa-EX AOR 36

3                     Mewtwo-EX BKT 62

3 M Mewtwo-EX BKT 64

2 Trubbish BKP 56

1 Garbodor BKP 57

1 Wobbuffet GEN RC11

4 Mega Turbo

1  Super Rod

2  Trainers’ Mail

4 Ultra Ball

4 VS Seeker

1  Parallel City

2  Shrine of Memories

2  Lysandre

3  N

1 Olympia

4 Professor Sycamore

3  Float Stone

4  Mewtwo Spirit Link

4 Double Colorless Energy 6 Psychic Energy


Round 1 versus Chad DiCola with Decidueye-GX/Jolteon-EX/Lugia-EX/Regice/Shaymin-EX/Vileplume 

Game 1

Chad was a nice fellow, playing in his first Regional Championship ever! I opened the series playing first, always a good sign against a Vileplume deck. I had a sub-optimal start, failing to find a Trubbish, or Wobbuffet, on my first turn. However, I did get a Mewtwo-EX down with a Spirit Link, and my first Double Colorless Energy attachment of the game. This put me in an awkward spot where I could still potentially overpower my opponent with the raw strength of Psychic Infinity, but it also left the door open for Vileplume to completely shatter my dreams.

I noticed throughout my opponent’s setup that he was playing the Rainbow Energy variant of the deck, and with that, JolteonEX, and Regice. Now I was prepared for Regice, and knew how to play against it, so I wasn’t worried. Back to the game, though, my opponent didn’t get anything going on his first turn, and failed to get a Decidueye-GX out, or Vileplume. This left the door open for me to get more adequately positioned, and with that, I got Wobb down on my second turn, as well as a Trubbish. I immediately went to Wobb into my Active spot, and started Evolving my Mewtwos that I had in play. My opponent’s following turn was nothing special once again, but he started to Evolve his Grass lines up to the top. His slow start gave me time to finally get my Garbodor going, and even though it had a Mewtwo Spirit Link on it, as opposed to the traditional Float Stone, I knew I had my single copy of Olympia in my deck, so I’d be fine.

I began to collect all my Prize cards with ease, since without Abilities, a Decidueye-GX deck can only do little bursts of damage with Razor Leaf, or maybe attacking with Lugia-EX. My opponent’s Regice was never a problem in this game, I’m happy to report. I won the game after a long bout of building up my attackers in about thirty minutes, give or take.

Game 2

I figured my opponent would go for Regice this game, and I was very right in this assumption. One of the first things he did when going first was Ultra Ball for a Regice, and attach a Rainbow Energy to it. He unfortunately whiffed the Vileplume again, and this time he wasn’t so lucky with me whiffing my Trubbish and Wobbuffet. I was very prepared for Wobbuffet, having a Mewtwo-EX in my Active spot. All you have to do is continually use Damage Change, and you’ll freely heal yourself for the remainder of the game, so long as your opponent is using Resistance Blizzard.

Chad went straight for the Resistance Blizzard play, just as I mentioned, and I could freely “heal” my Mewtwo-EX by using Damage Change over and over. I placed a Spirit Link on that same Mewtwo for an instance where my opponent could potentially switch to a different attacker, but that never happened.

When time was called, my opponent had just one Prize left, but an impossible wall in that of my Mewtwo-EX to deal with. He was on the verge of decking out, too, so had the game continued, I’m fairly certain I would have won, considering my opponent had used most of his resources already.

1/0; 1/0/0

I felt pretty good after this series, knowing a beat a matchup that most people deemed unfavorable because of the new inclusion of Regice.

Round 2 versus Dean Nezam with Garbodor/Hoopa-EX/M Mewtwo-EX/Shaymin-EX/Wobbuffet

Game 1

I’ve played Dean in three Regionals now, and he’s always a challenge to take down, so I knew this wouldn’t be easy. When he started with a Mewtwo-EX, I knew this was a mirror match, of course. Going first, I had the absolute nuts with an Eevee, and a Psychic Energy. I was able to use Energy Evolution and pull out my Espeon-GX right away. When Espeon hit the field, Dean read it quick, and I instantly knew this was going to be a rout. He didn’t play an Espeon of his own, so whenever he attached an Energy to a Mewtwo-EX, I used a Lysandre to take it down with Espeon-GX’s Psychic attack for a one-hit Knockout. I won this game in less than ten minutes.

Game 2

I got off to an extremely rocky start in this one with some draw, passing, but Dean did too. In fact, he had to Sycamore away all his Mega Turbos without using one! He also pitched some Double Colorless Energy, which hurt him quite a bit, too. However, by the time I got my own M Mewtwo-EX out and read to attack, it was far too late. My opponent already had two Megas of his own with ample Energy to deal with any threat, and I conceded to save time, if I remember correctly.

Game 3

Again, I had a terrible start, and was already thinking mentally that I was about to be 1-1-0. I fought through it, though, and Dean seemed to have a slow start of his own. I was able to get two Megas going, and address the one-hit Knockouts he took with a return Knockout from my Mewtwos. I ended up sealing the game with an N, and he was unable to return my Knockouts. I eventually took my last Prizes after hitting a game-winning Energy from my opponent’s own N that put me to two cards.


2/1; 2/0/0

I was starting to get on a roll! I felt good about that win, and was happy I chose to play Espeon-GX for the mirror match, and hoped to face more of them along the way, and maybe pick up some easy wins against opponents that also opted not to play Eevee’s Psychic Evolution.

Round 3 versus Dylan Bryan with Klefki/Mew-EX/Octillery/Rattata/Shaymin-EX/Unown/Vespiquen/Zebstrika

Game 1

Back to back games against fantastic players! I’ve never played Dylan before, and figured he’d be playing his signature

Vespiquen list in the Standard format. I was exactly right, and prepared my game plan. Against Vespiquen, it’s imperative to get a quick Garbodor down to stop the opponent from using Kelfki to stop damage from M Mewtwo-EX, and likewise, Garbodor effectively limits the opponent’s ability to get a lot of Pokemon in the discard pile to bolster Bee Revenge damage. As a backup, it’s great to get Espeon-GX out in case Klefki does become a problem, and using Divide GX quickly is pretty amazing to score multiple Knockouts on frail Pokemon.

Things went well, and going first, I was able to get my Espeon-GX down again, just as I did in my first game against Dean, and after Dylan didn’t do all too much on his turn, I took down a Combee and a Remoraid with Divide GX on my second turn. Already being up two Prizes it was easy to get overzealous, but I tried to remember to get Garbodor rolling, and stick to the script. I remembered Dylan’s list from Georgia Regionals earlier in the year, and he played Mew-EX, a counter to Mewtwo. He got it down for a one-hit Knockout on my Espeon-GX, which really stunk.

Without Klefki being in play, I was able to return the Knockout with M Mewtwo-EX. Now provided my opponent couldn't take a Knockout in one hit on his upcoming turn, I felt I would win the game, considering the Prize count. I had gotten Garbodor down, so I didn’t feel this would be a possibility for my opponent. He couldn’t, and I swiftly won from there.

Game 2

Mostly everything went right in the first game, so I prepared for the worst. I went through the motions again, got Garbodor down, and Evolved up my attackers. Dylan was able to use Mew-EX to copy Bee Revenge once again to get ahead on Prizes, and crank the pressure up. I had gone in with Espeon-GX early, once again, and was able to avoid Klefki being an issue as a result. The deciding factor in this game was a mistake on my part, where I opted to burn my Supporter for the turn on an Olympia to preserve an Energy, as opposed to using a Professor Sycamore so that I would draw an N to disrupt my opponent on my next turn. While the Olympia was nice, I think the N overall was the better play, but could have led to an N from Dylan, and that would have thrown a wrench in things. Regardless, when my opponent got down to two Prizes, he was able to take down any Pokemon I had with a Bee Revenge, so I decided to use Trubbish’s Acid Spray, resulting in a Tails, instead of just taking a Knockout. The odds of my opponent having a Vespiquen to Evolve his Benched Combee, as well as a Double Colorless, were quite high, and had I hit heads I’d have made it so he only had one powered attacker in play, allowing me to N on my next turn and hopefully Dylan would miss the Double. Anyways, I flipped tails, and conceded.

Game 3

I knew we were extremely low on time, so I played as fast as I possibly could. I got Garbodor down once more, and established some attackers. When time was called, there was no way for either of us to find a win condition, and it was even a little too early to really see who would have won, as well. I think I would have had somewhat of a slight edge, but we’ll never really know for sure.

1/1; 2/0/1

I tie was underwhelming after a hot start, and I really wished I’d gotten the win. No matter though, I was still very confident going forward.

Round 4 versus Igor Costa with Decidueye-GX/Lugia-EX/Mewtwo/Regice/Shaymin-EX/Vileplume

Game 1

This was my second match ever against Igor, and I already knew what he was playing since a friend of mine had faced him earlier in the day. I wasn’t afraid of Regice, as you may remember from my first match of the day, and I find a way to overcome it. I played first, which was nice, and got a Trubbish, as well as a Wobbuffet down, but no way to get Wobb to my Active, and I didn't get a Float Stone for Trubbish, either. This effectively put me on the clock, such that I would have to find Float Stones quick, or I’d be in trouble.

Igor knew right away that he should get Regice out, and did just that. I knew he also was playing Mewtwo, and I wasn’t thrilled about that. He was unable to get Vileplume down, but started to build up a couple Decidueyes. None of this really mattered, though, when I failed to get a Float Stone once again on my next turn, and was completely punished by the subsequent Vileplume Item lock on Igor’s turn after mine.

From there, I tried to find some ways to win, but it was impossible with Feather Arrow damage getting dropped everywhere, and I never was able to really Damage Change lock him when he used Resistance Blizzard, since he had other options to attack with and I never got a Spirit Link down, either, to threaten a big Psychic Infinity. I got trounced in a drawn-out game where I mainly tried to run him out of Energies using Trubbish’s Acid Spray, as well as Lysandre to bring things up that couldn't’ attack, at the time.

Game 2

When you start Hoopa-EX with a completely dead hand, aside from an Ultra Ball against an Item lock deck, you know things won’t be pretty. I used the Ultra Ball to get a Shaymin-EX, but my Set Up got nothing. Now I don’t want to bore you here, but I draw and passed a lot, but I did make a nearly game-winning comeback. After building a hand that allowed me to do so, I used an Olympia to move into my Wobbuffet, and then I got a Trubbish down with a Float Stone. I later found Garbodor, and started a Sky Return loop with Shaymin-EX. This made it impossible for my opponent to take a one-hit Knockout, since his field was full of attackers, and he didn’t have a way to use Lugia-EX to take a one-hit Knockout. Again, long story short, Igor ended up using Regice’s Ice Beam attack, and got heads to Paralyze one of my Shaymin-EXs, and then followed that up with a Razor Leaf from Decidueye-GX to win the game. It was neat that I found a way to almost win, barring a coin flip, in a game that otherwise was unwinnable.


0/2; 2/1/1

My nice start was now spiraling out of control, and I needed a win to get back on track. I was a little nervous, because the pressure was on. Igor ended up making his fourth Top Eight of the season, so that was cool.

Round 5 versus Noah Sawyer with Decidueye-GX/Lugia-EX/Shaymin-EX/Tauros-GX/Vileplume

Game 1

Jeez, this now was four rounds in a row against good players, players that have made at least one day two of a Regional

Championship this season, and three of the four making at least one Top Eight! Noah went first, and did the normal stuff a

Decidueye-GX / Vileplume deck does. He did all but one thing, something that’s perhaps the most important: finding a Vileplume. I’ll make a long story short again by saying that I found my Wobbuffet, put it in my Active spot, and got a Trubbish down with a Float Stone attached. From there, there was nothing that Noah could do but watch as I built up two huge M Mewtwo-EX and took one-hit Knockouts on everything on his board until I won the game.

Game 2

This game was pretty similar to the first, except he had an even worse start, and completely missed the Vileplume. It went a little differently, though, since I had to take out a Tauros-GX in the process, something I hadn't seen in the first game.  


2/0; 3/1/1

A fairly simple win in this round had my hopes up, and I was ever-so-confident in the Decidueye-GX / Vileplume, more so than ever.

Round 6 versus Liz Higgins Darkrai-EX/Hoopa-EX/Shaymin-EX/Yveltal

Game 1

When I saw Darkrai-EX, I got pretty nervous since this matchup depends a lot on how well the Mewtwo player draws. I did, however, start off very nicely, and even got a Wobbuffet into my Active spot to take some hits. Giving your opponent nonEX/GX Prizes in this matchup while you build up M Mewtwo-EXs that can take one-hit Knockouts is ideal, and that’s exactly what I set off to do. When you shove up walls to slow down your opponent’s attack, it basically gives a Darkrai player two options, he or she can either be overly aggressive with Dark Pulse, and then run the risk of a Mewtwo just out trading them with two-hit Knockouts, or even one-hits, or he or she can just be passive, and slowly build up a surplus of Energy with Yveltal’s Oblivion Wing.

In this game, Liz was more passive, and while she had more time to set up attackers, I did too. I got the first Lysandre off, pulling up a Darkrai-EX with an Exp. Share, and I popped it for a one-hit Knockout. At this point, she had taken three Prizes, one from my Wobbuffet, and another from a poor Shaymin-EX that fell victim to a Lysandre.

After some deliberation, I decided to be more defensive when I found my M Mewtwos with damage on them, and used Damage Change onto two Darkrai-EX, putting them at 160 apiece. By now, I was charging up my Espeon-GX on the Bench for a game-winning Divide. I took my third and fourth Prizes on one of those damaged Darkrais that was just left in her Active spot, and I took my last two Prizes with Divide, avoiding a disastrous ending that otherwise could have gone down if I didn’t have Espeon. Liz had been able to N me the turn before the last of the game, and Divide saved me from needing a Lysandre to pull up the damaged Darkrai.

Game 2

The first game went very well, but this one was frightening from the start, since Liz was able to drop a Silent Lab on her first turn, playing before me. I was restricted from playing down Hoopa-EX as a result, and struggled to get much going. However, I bought time by offering up two Trubbish as sacrifices, and eventually got two M Mewtwo-EX heavily loaded, and ready to strike.

Unfortunately for me, she was able to pull the first Lysandre of the game this time around, and one of the Megas found itself with a whopping 170 damage on it right away. I didn’t have a way to Damage Change, so I just heaved up a Psychic Infinity for a Knockout, and hoped for the best. Liz returned with another Knockout of her own, putting her at just two Prizes left. Now I was left with just one M Mewtwo-EX, and needed to N her to a low size, and hope she whiffed either a Max Elixir, or an Energy attachment, either would do the trick.

Her net draw of three from my N and her top deck for the turn yielded a Professor Sycamore, Ultra Ball, and a Darkness Energy. She played down the Darkness, and used Sycamore for a fresh seven. She drew a Max Elixir, slammed it down, and hit it for the second game victory.

Game 3

The last game was a little underwhelming, considering I was a turn away from mounting a huge comeback, but I was more confident for this one, since I’d have a better chance of properly setting up, since I was going first. I got my Hoopa-EX for a nicely timed Scoundrel Ring, and went to work. I got my Wobbuffet into my Active spot, as hoped for, and ended my turn with two Mewtwo-EX in play, one having a Spirit Link and a Double Colorless Energy.

Liz had a slower start this game, not really a “bad” start, but she just didn’t get as many Energy out as quickly as she had in other games. Like in the first one, I got the first Lysandre after a few turns of just attaching Energy to my Mewtwos, and took down a Darkrai.

After taking the first big Knockout, this game was a breeze since she never had an opportunity to take a one-hit Knockout, and I won on the easier side of things. Great thought-provoking games, though!


2/1; 4/1/1

This win was affirming, since I was a little nervous for the Darkrai-EX matchup going into the event, but after this win, I felt good about my thoughts on it, and ability to play it well.

Round 7 versus Main Ahmed Hoopa-EX/Shaymin-EX/Volcanion/Volcanion-EX

Game 1

I started off with a very abysmal hand, and a start of a Mewtwo-EX. I don’t want to bore you with the play-by-play, but throughout the course of the game, I benched an Eevee, which I later Evolved to Espeon-GX and attacked with… I played down a Trubbish, too, and almost made comeback with a Garbodor and a M Mewtwo-EX towards the end of the game, along with an N. Only problem, though, is that I didn’t draw a single one of the cards I was looking for off the N! My pitiful draws led to me getting clobbered in this one.

Game 2

My opponent got off to an average start this time around, and I did the exact opposite. I had Garbodor and an attacking M Mewtwo-EX on my second turn, and this game was pretty much an antithesis of the first. Main also drew poorly throughout this one, and I beat him relatively quickly.

Game 3

All right, this game was ugly. It was by far the worst draws I had with my deck over the entire tournament. I started with a Wobbuffet, and was thinking that my start wouldn't be too bad, but without any means to draw aside from the Shaymin-EX I had in my hand, things weren’t looking too great. I didn’t want to Bench my Shaymin-EX for no effect, so I slowly waited for another Pokemon to play down and then promote that to my Active after the Wobb was knocked out, all in order to just use Set Up. 

I eventually drew a Trubbish, and then an Eevee, and when the Wobbuffet was taken down, I sent up the Eevee. I set up for two, drawing a Lysandre, and an Olympia. Both cards were useless, and I used Lysandre to stall for a couple turns, and used a VS Seeker a couple turns after to stall some more. I drew another Shaymin-EX somewhere down the line and drew two once more. This time, I got a Mega Turbo and a Psychic Energy.

By the time I finally drew an N, my opponent had just two Prizes left. I had a chance to win, still, but after my N turned up nothing, I had to sacrifice my Trubbish to avoid losing, and I knew the game was over. After a few more Ns and some Retreating around, my opponent finally pulled the game winner, and my day two dreams were dashed.


1/2; 4/2/1

I was slightly frustrated about this loss, since it was completely from terrible luck. It happens, though, and I hoped to at least make a Top Sixty-Four showing as a consolation prize. Main made Top Eight at this event, too, so congrats to him for the awesome finish!

Round 8 versus Anthony Nimmons with Decidueye-GX/Lugia-EX/Shaymin-EX/Tauros-GX/Vileplume

Game 1

I knew that Anthony had made a Top Eight thus far this season, so this wouldn’t be a walk in the park. I got to go first, and got a

Trubbish, as well as a Wobbuffet, down. I ended my turn by Retreating my Eevee into Wobbuffet, and passing. Now most of these Decidueye matches go the same, so I’ll spare you the details. I built up some big Mewtwos, and tried to only attack when it was for a one-hit Knockout. I got Garbodor out, of course, and never had any fear of losing after my incredible start. My opponent almost scared me just a little bit with a Team Flare Grunt, but I ended up having a replacement Energy to keep swinging with.

Game 2

My opponent went first this time, of course, but to his dismay, I started with Wobbuffet outright. I had all the time in the world to build up some big Mewtwos once again, and with Garbodor online, there was no way I was losing. This game was a little quicker than the first, since Anthony had an even harder time setting up after my Wobbuffet start.

2/0; 5/2/1

Another convincing win against Decidueye-GX / Vileplume, and I was one more win from making Top Sixty-Four.

Round 9 versus Travion Tiller with Hoopa-EX/Shaymin-EX/Volcanion/Volcanion-EX

Game 1

This game was unfortunate for Travion, because he only got to attack twice. He opened with two Volcanions, and used Power Heater a couple of times, but by then I had a big M Mewtwo-EX swinging for one-hit Knockouts. His draws were unfortunate, and my condolences go out to him for this game.

Game 2

He got off to a much better start this game, playing down a Sky Field, and using Hoopa-EX to fetch all of his attackers. He ended his first turn with a successful use of every single Max Elixir in his deck, which was very impressive. I started my turn with a gulp, knowing I was facing down an almost fully set up field of attackers already. I got my own Hoopa-EX, and Benched two Mewtwos, and used a Shaymin-EX to draw more cards. I had opened with a Mewtwo, as well, so I had to be cautious about leaving a Bench space for the all-important Trubbish, and Garbodor later on.

I did find a Trubbish on my first turn, and I was terrified that Travion would take a Knockout on it with a Lysandre that I knew was in his hand after a Trainers’ Mail. Unfortunately, though, he didn’t have the Energy to Steam Up, and get Volcanion’s Power Heater to do enough damage for the Knockout on the Trubb. Instead, he used a Sycamore, and ended up getting a Float Stone on his Active Volcanion, Retreated, and used a Volcanic Heat for a one-hit Knockout on my Active Mewtwo.

Now my back was up against the wall, and I’d basically need to get Garbodor, and a M Mewtwo-EX that was capable of taking down a Volcanion-EX in one attack. I ultimately missed the Garbodor, but did take the Knockout. My Benched Mewtwo-EX still wasn’t Evolved, and didn’t have a Spirit Link, so in the event that my opponent took down my Active Mega, I thought the game would probably be over, unless I had some nice luck. Instead, I think my opponent made an egregious misplay, where he opted to use Volcanion’s Power Heater instead of taking a Knockout on my Active. Now I can see where that option was okay, because you’re trying to set up more attackers instead of going all in, but for the situation, taking the Knockout was much better. Travion actually did 110 damage to my Mega exactly, and I used a Lysandre to pull up a Shaymin-EX, and Damage Change onto it after playing a Shrine of Memories. On that turn, also, I got down my Garbodor, and the game was pretty much over. He used another Power Heater on his final turn, and I revealed a VS Seeker for a Lysandre for the win.


2/0; 6/2/1

It felt good to at least get some money for my efforts at the event, but I was slightly disappointed to find out that I wouldn’t make day two. I would have felt very good about my chances to make Top Eight had I made it, but nonetheless, I got forty-four Championship points, some packs, and of course, the money.

6/2/1 | 46th Place


Overall, I had a fantastic time, and was pleasantly surprised at how well the event was run. I must say that it was the most smoothly conducted Regional Championship I’ve attended this year, aside from some of the drama that occurred at the event. I personally think my schedule of opponents at this event in day one was among the toughest I’ve ever seen, so that was cool.

I’m happy to say that I’m making a last-minute attempt at going for the Top Sixteen invite to the World Championships, and if I can make one more Top Eight this season, I think I should be looking good to do so. We’ll see what happens, and I’ll be back next time with my experiences in Toronto, Ontario at Expanded Regionals.

Be sure to take a look at Dead Draw Gaming’s wide selection of new cards from Guardians Rising, and while you’re at it, stock up on some other cards you might need, too! Catch you next time, everybody. Thanks for stopping by and reading, I hope you enjoyed my report!


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