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New Cards Leaked in Japanese Commercial!

Darrin Cole BREAK cruel traitor explosive fighter Hawlucha japanese leaks litleo News Pyroar Steam siege xy11 Yveltal

The Pokemon Company released a new commercial this weekend featuring Litleo, Pyroar, Pyroar BREAK, Halwucha, and Yveltal BREAK.

you can watch the video here (it's pretty easy to follow even if it's in Japanese):

The Hawlucha is colorless and seems to have an ability that causes a Lysandre or Pokemon Catcher effect when played to your bench from your hand.

The Pyroar may have a pretty good attack, possibly attaching fire energy from the discard.

The rest of these cards were either too difficult to read, or impossible to read. 

Personally, I'm pretty excited to find out what the new BREAKs do. Also, the Hawlucha sounds pretty fun! Catcher effects are always cool. We'll keep you posted with more news as we hear it, so stay tuned!



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