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Fates Collide Preview

Dallas Schmidt

Fates Collide Preview

Welcome to Dead Draw Gaming! Your one-stop for anything Pokemon TCG related. My name is Dallas, and I'm writing this article to give you an idea on what you can expect from the newest Pokemon set, "Fates Collide." Released on May 2nd, this set opened the door for many new cards, as well as a few desired reprints.

The face of Fates Collide is a well-known Pokemon, Alakazam. This set features him and his mega evolution, as well as several other EXs and BREAK evolutions. (To those who do not know what a BREAK evolution is, it is a powerful evolution to a basic, Stage 1, or 2 Pokemon. First introduced in BREAKThrough, it became a new mechanic, making Stage 1 & 2 Pokemon more viable and stronger). So, without further ado, let's dive into the good stuff! 

Pokemon EX / Deck Combos

Here we have Alakazam EX. Available in Fates as regular art, full art (pictured above), and secret rare art. He takes the stage as a 160hp Pokemon with an awesome ability, "Kinesis." Anytime he evolves into his mega form, two damage counters will be dealt to the active, as well as three dealt to a chosen benched Pokemon. (1 damage counter = 10 damage) His attack, "Suppression," also places three damage counters on each Pokemon with energy attached! Seems pretty good, right? Let's look at his mega evolution:

So after all these damage counters are placed on the opponent's Pokemon while fighting as Alakazam EX, here comes M Alakazam EX to do the cleaning and finishing strikes. His attack, "Zen Force," does 10+ 30 damage for each counter on your opponent’s active Pokemon! Let's say you used Suppression once as Alakazam Ex (assuming there was one energy attached to opposing active) and then evolved into mega. There would be five counters (50 damage) on your opponent’s active Pokemon. You would follow those previous actions by using M Alakazam's Zen Force, and doing 160 damage for only two energy! That is insane! If that wasn't enough, there is also a reprinted item that helps fuel this deck even more.

Devolution Spray will allow you to devolve your Alakazam and re-evolve it for even more damage!

Don't think that this whole set only revolves around Alakazam though - there are several other major players now available. 

Zygarde EX is making his debut in Fates Collide. This 190hp powerhouse comes equipped with three different attacks, which was only previously seen on that of Lucario EX (furious fists). Many speculate Zygarde to be the replacement for Lucario in all standard fighting decks. Although he lacks the draw power that Lucario has, Zygarde has a trick up his sleeve. 

Power Memory is a tool which will allow Zygarde to use the attack "All Cells Burn." This will discard three energy attached to him and deal 200+ damage to any foe standing in the way. Power Memory is similar to that of G-Booster, which was used in all Virizion/Genesect decks. This, however, will be able to one hit megas, provided Zygarde EX is buffed with some damage boost. How could Zygarde EX do more than 200 damage with one hit? Let's take a look: 

Regirock EX is teaming up with any fighting deck to make them even stronger. With him on the bench, attacks done to the active will now do 10 more damage. His effect does stack, so if four Regirock EX were on your bench, you would do 40 more damage with every attack. 

Fighting decks are also joyous for the reprint of: 

Strong Energy will boost fighting Pokemon attacks by 20 for every strong energy attached to them! Fighting decks are heavy hitters with these new cards/reprints, and won't be going anywhere anytime soon. 

There are several other great Pokemon EX in this set, including :

Umbreon EX, Genesect EX, Altaria EX, M Altaria EX, Diance EX, Kingdra EX, Audino EX, and M Audino EX.  All of which can be played in various decks! 

BREAK Pokemon

The BREAK Pokemon of this set aren't too popular yet, as they haven't been used to their full potential. It might take some time before players explore/discover how good these cards can really be; but nonetheless, here is a list of the BREAK Pokemon in this set:

Delphox BREAK, Omastar BREAK, Carbink BREAK, Bronzong BREAK, and Lugia BREAK. 


The trainers in this set have a wide range of uses. There are many different cards and instances in which all of them can be played, but I will be covering the ones that I believe to be important. (If I haven't already covered them).

The first trainer I will be talking about is N. The return of this card is monumental. If you ask any experienced player, they will say the reprint of this card is amazing. After it rotated out of standard last season, gameplay lacked decent draw support, as well as comeback opportunities. Judge was an all right card as a replacement, but nowhere near as good as N itself. N is a great card in terms of hand refreshment, but also for the fact that it can turn the tides of a game. It can allow a player several prizes behind a chance to come back and win the game. Pokemon TCG is fairly fast-paced these days, and without a balancing card like this, players can take the lead easily and have nothing to slow them down. This card, on the other hand, can do just that. 

Another trainer I believe that needs light is "Random Receiver." The reprint of this card is also nice, especially since supporter count is so low in competitive decks these days. It allows you to dig for a much needed supporter when the going gets tough. 

The last trainer I will be covering is "Mega Catcher." This card has huge potential in my eyes. It is basically a Lysandre for Megas that doesn't use up your supporter for turn. Facing against Mega-heavy decks these days just got easier with this card. Mega catcher can easily be combined with Umbreon EXs second attack "End Game." 

An addition to Night March

Everyone playing Pokemon these days knows the name Night March and knows exactly what the deck is about. Fates Collide has one card that fits perfectly into this deck. After Mew EX rotated, Night March lost a little of its spice. A similar reprint brought back the idea of copying the attack "Night March,” which allows players to discard more Pokemon to do more damage, while using Mew's ability to copy a benched Joltik's attack. Let's welcome Mew back! He's a smaller, non-Ex version who plays a little differently, but he still fits perfectly into Night March's play style of trading two for one prizes!

As you see, Fates Collide is a great set with many cool and playable cards. It is definitely something to look into if you're interested in playing Pokemon TCG casually or competitively. If you are looking to purchase any of these cards shown or have any other cards in mind, Dead Draw Gaming has all the supplies you need at competitive and comparable prices. 

Take those prizes, players!

- Dallas 



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