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HUGE Announcement! Nationals and Worlds prize structure revealed!

Darrin Cole Nationals news Worlds

Hello DDG patrons!

Today The Pokemon Company announced what the awards will be for the upcoming US Nationals and Worlds tournaments, and it just might be the biggest game changer in competitive Pokemon history. The Pokemon TCG and VGC are diving head first into the world of cash prizes! Players who get top 8 and are 18 or older will have the option for a cash payout or scholarship, and 9th place and lower will be receiving cash only. Player under 18 will have the choice of a scholarship or travel stipend. Below is the breakdown for prizes. Check it out!


TCG US Nationals          VGC US Nationals

1st place     $10,000        1st place        $5,000

2nd place    $5,000          2nd place       $2,500

3rd & 4th     $2,500          3rd & 4th        $1,500

5th - 8th       $1,500         5th - 8th         $750

9th - 16th     $1,000         9th - 16th       $500

17th - 32nd  $750

33rd - 64th   $500

Total prizes: $225,000


TCG Worlds                  VGC Worlds

1st place     $25,000     1st place        $10,000

2nd place    $15,000     2nd place       $7,500

3rd & 4th     $7,500       3rd & 4th        $5,000

5th - 8th      $5,000       5th - 8th         $3,000 

9th - 16th    $2,500       9th - 16th       $1,500

17th - 32nd $1,500

Total prizes: $500,000

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