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“Is that a Fury Belt?” - A Look at Mewtwo without the Mega

Santiago Bueno


Hi, Dead Drawers! My name is Santiago Bueno and I spent this past New Year’s weekend playing at Dallas Regionals. I was able to snag a decent 13th place overall. The deck I played was a little bit out of the ordinary and caught some people off guard. In this article, I will be covering Mewtwo EX without the mega and what this deck has to offer in the current meta.


The List:


Pokémon- 10

Trainers- 40

Energy- 10

3x Mewtwo EX (BKT 62/162)

1x Super Rod

10x Psychic

2x Trubbish  (BKP 56/122)

1x Escape Rope


2x Garbodor (BKP 57/122)

1x Delinquent


2x Shaymin EX (ROS 77/108)

1x Team Flare Grunt


1x Jirachi (PR XY67)

1x Pokémon Center Lady



2x Enhanced Hammer



2x Lysandre



2x Parallel City



3x Fighting Fury Belt



3x Float Stone



3x N



4x VS Seeker



4x Trainers’ Mail



4x Max Elixir



4x Ultra Ball



4x Professor Sycamore



Why drop the mega?

            I decided to drop Mega Mewtwo EX simply because it took too much space. Taking out the mega in my eyes frees up anywhere from seven to ten cards depending on the list. This extra space allowed me to tech in other cards like Delinquent, Team Flare Grunt, and Enhanced Hammers. Dropping the mega does change the way the deck is played significantly. It becomes vastly less aggressive than its mega counterpart, and relies somewhat on your opponent to attack you. In the current state of the game there is not a lot that can one shot a Fighting Fury Belted Mewtwo, especially when Garbodor is online. This deck takes advantage of that with Damage Change in order to pull off some real shenanigans. Dropping the mega allows this deck to consistently set up Mewtwo and Garbodor on early turns, as well as makes the list tech-ier.


The Matchups


The deck’s best match up by far is Greninja, because of Greninja’s extreme lack of ability to one shot a Mewtwo. Not only can Mewtwo take three hits from a Greninja before it is knocked out, but it also has access to things like Damage Change, Garbodor, and Parallel City.  I played against this deck three times at Dallas and none of the players piloting Greninja were able to take a single prize. If you’re looking for a deck that can auto-win against Greninja and not auto-lose to Volcanion (here’s looking at you Sceptile) then this is your deck!



This deck also has a favorable Mega Mewtwo matchup because of its first attack. Shatter Shot allows you to do some nasty plays with Mewtwo. It can dish out 80 damage with only one energy and a Fighting Fury Belt due to weakness. The great thing about doing such high damage with Shatter Shot is that it makes it hard for Mega-Mewtwo to one shot you back. If you have one energy and a Fighting Fury Belt attached to your active Mewtwo, it will take the Mega a whopping six energy attachments to OHKO you. Being more energy efficient and quicker than Mega Mewtwo sets us up for a favorable match up overall.



on paper, Volcanion is a fantastic match up! They can’t do more than 140 damage while ability locked, and they play Hoopa EX for easy prizes. Although these things are true, Volcanion is still a huge threat. With access to things like Max Elixir and Baby Volcanion, this match up becomes very difficult. I played against three Volcanion players at Dallas and didn't manage to pick up a win from any of them. While I tied two and lost one, going up against Volcanion is winnable. It all comes down to how quickly you can get out Garbodor and if you can do it multiple times in one game. If you can set up two Garbs in one game you can easily win, but it usually isn’t that simple.


Mega-Gardevoir (STS)

Mega Gardevoir EX is nearly impossible to beat while piloting this deck. Going into this tournament I was not expecting a lot of Gardevoir, but boy was that a mistake. I played against only one Gardevoir the entire tournament, but there was plenty in the Top 32 and Top 8. This match up goes pretty simply; if they set up a Mega (STS), they win, and there really isn’t much you can do about it.  When I played against it I actually tried to deck my opponent out by trapping a Gardevoir in the active and attacking with Trubbish, which went about as well as you would expect. Overall, Mega Gardy just isn’t winnable in most circumstances.



This match up is pretty even and boils down to a lot of specifics. Not playing the mega can throw your opponent off by letting them believe that their Jolteon EX will be useless, when in fact, Jolteon EX is probably the most valuable attacker they could be using. For the Mewtwo player the game plan is simple; try to set up Garb and an extremely fat Mewtwo. If you can do one of those things you have a good chance of winning. Often times the game plan is to either one shot everything before they set up or deck them out. If they are attacking you with Regice's Resistance Blizzard, your Damage Change becomes a max potion. From there on you can deck them out simply because they effectively do no damage. If they try to attack you with Jolteon EX you have to make sure you have a Fighting Fury Belt and did enough damage on them before they attacked you to knock them out with Damage Change. Overall this match up is really tricky, but can be swayed quickly if either player knows what's up.


Yveltal EX/Garbodor

This is another even match up, mostly thanks to your tech cards. The biggest threat in this set is Fright Night Yveltal. It makes Damage Change far less useful since Pitch-Black Spear hits both an active and a benched Pokémon EX. However, Yveltal EX needs a lot of energy to one shot a Mewtwo, similarly to Mega Mewtwo, and this can be used to great avail. Usually, Yvetal will leave a FFBelted Mewtwo with 180-200 damage, which you can then Damage Change onto Shaymins. This game boils down to if you can take four Prizes with one Mewtwo or not, and if you can, you win.



Overall, this deck is really fun to play and I encourage players to try this deck out. While not in the best spot with Mega Gardevoir gaining popularity, this deck does have really decent match ups around the board. You can find many of these cards on, so make sure to check them out!


Extra Note

Shout out to Alex Hill for making one of the coolest plays I saw in the tournament. He knocked out his own Vileplume with a Rainbow Energy in order to get it out of the active so he could start attacking again.

-Santiago Bueno

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