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How To Miss Day 2 With Only A Single Loss - A Regional Recap

Mitch Westrick BREAK EX Flareon M Scizor Mega Regional Regionals Scizor steven Zoroark

How To Miss Day 2 With Only A Single Loss

Howdy, Dead Draw readers! My name is Mitch and I'd like to take you through my slightly ridiculous regional journey, but first I'll start by giving you a little info about myself. I'm the kind of guy that always suggests goofy things... always. Plasma Badge/Deoxys being my longest running joke. If somebody says they are thinking of playing quad Celebi, I am right there saying DO IT! I've won some League Challenges in my day but I don't get out to too many tournaments much larger than that, and I often judge more than I play these days.

Now, to the deck description. Scizor/Zoroark with Flareon and Carbink as techs. While at League we talked about what beats Garb. Ninetales being one of the best options. After Garb rolled Seattle we started looking more at what beats Ninetales. Being the guy I am, I blurt out Scizor. Initially I wasn't too serious but I started thinking about it and I felt it had a good matchup against most of what I expected to see played.
Here's why:
-I figured this deck had at least a favorable matchup against Garb (Drampa or Espeon), Ninetales, Sylveon, and Vileplume variants.

-Zoroark naturally pairs well with Scizor's second attack but they also both resist Psychic which is good for the Garb matchup.

-Zoroark and Altar of the Moone takes away all the punch Espeon GX's Psybeam brings to the table.

-Carbink, along with Scizor, was teched in for the Sylveon matchup.

-Scizor makes very quick work of Ninetails.

-Flareon was there for any grass matchups I came across.

-Discarding Special Energy or Stadiums with M Scizor felt pretty useful in general.

This deck was built specifically to beat Garb, so it definitely has an unusual build. *cough*4 Steven*cough* Before I get to the list I must say I was fully prepared to scrub out playing this. It was a YOLO play that started out as a joke deck concocted at League.

Without further ado, here is the list:


1 Eevee (SUM)

1 Flareon (AOR)


4 Professor Sycamore

4 N

4 Steven

3 Lysandre

1 Brock's Grit

4 Ultra Ball

2 Nest Ball

2 Level Ball

2 Scizor Spirit Link


7 Metal

4 Dark

2 Double Colorless Energy

Now that you've seen the list it is probably more clear as to how I only lost one match and missed day two. I ended my day with a record of 2-1-6. This deck turned out to be a bit slower than I had expected. My opponents were certainly not prepared to play against this deck either. All of my ties either just barely made it to game 3, or just barely didn't finish game 3.

Onto a recap of my matches. You'll have to forgive me, this is all from memory so I'm sure the order of the matches is a bit wrong but I assure you the overall results are accurate.

Round 1: Drampa/Garb/Tauros WLT 0-0-1

Here it is, one of the decks I wanted to play all day. Game one went splendidly. Only played 4 items so Garb wasn't much of a threat to me. Drampa was slowed to a crawl by Iron Crusher.

Game 2 went pretty well initially, but a late game Ninja Boy into a Tauros caused me a few problems.

We could not finish game 3 in time. You can only bait someone into using Horn Attack on your Zoroark once before Break evolving and Foul Playing to Mad Bull GX it into oblivion.

Round 2: Alolan Nintales/Decidueye WLT 0-0-2

Despite not winning round one, I started to feel pretty confident in my deck choice when I saw Vulpix flipped over. Game one went well. I was able to bump Forest often enough to stop too many Decidueye getting set up. Flareon helped get OHKO's on the ones that did spring up.

Game two my opponent abandoned playing Ninetales and just focused on Decidueye. More importantly, he wasn't benching enough things for Mind Jack to get a one hit KO. M Scizor was great for discarding his DCE/Rainbows, but the Feather Arrows put the prize trade in his favor in the long run. Scooped to game 3 shortly before time was called.

Round 3: Lycanroc/Eeveelutions/Carbink LWL 0-1-2

With Flareon in play, both of my attackers are weak to his attacker. This matchup isn't unwinnable, but it definitely is not favorable. Game one was going alright. I was focusing on M Scizor since Zoroark was weak to fighting and because Iron Crusher helped deal with all the Special Energy his deck ran.

I was able to play around Carbink's Safegaurd, but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Unlike Mega EX's, GX's are Stage 1's. Once that Flareon dropped, his Lycanroc started tearing through Scizor. Scooped to game 2. I was able to stay on top of Flareons and his Special Energy attachments enough to win. Foul Play to copy Dangerous Rogue GX for a knockout was quite enjoyable. Game 3 he really teed off on me and handed me my first and only loss of the day.

Round 4: Water Box WLT 0-1-3

I consider this a decent matchup. I can't OHKO Lapras but Lapras can't OHKO M Scizor either. Manaphy often makes Lysandre necessary, but it is a fairly easy two prizes. Took out a Ninetales quickly to take an early lead before he started to focus more on Lapras. I was hit with Ice Beam GX, then rushed in and Foul Played the Ice Beam right back to close out game one.

Game two he focused on Lapras which made things much more difficult. In the end Blizzard Burn and Aqua Tube was able to beat me down. Game three ended with us both being one KO and one turn away from the game ending.

Round 5: Ninetales WLT 0-1-4

Ah ha! My most favorable matchup! Game one went exceedingly well. Ninetales provided little resistance for Scizor. Game two. Oh, game two. This game started off pretty slowly, not much happened beyond me spamming N while he tried to Beacon. Once we started going I realized I wasn't hitting much energy. Plop a Steven. Oh my goodness, 6 of my 7 Metal energy are prized. RIP me. On to game 3. Tapu Lele's Energy Drive not being affected by resistance proved to actually be a fairly big deal in this game. Game three was another one that ended in a tie with a conclusion very close.

Round 6: Lurantis/Bulu LWT 0-1-5

I prized Flareon in the first game, and he was able to OHKO Scizor with Bulu before I could get the Mega out. Game 2 I got the Flareon out quickly and made short work of Lurantis. Bulu couldn't keep up without the support from Lurantis. By game three we had figured out each other's tricks pretty well. We traded KO's like crazy as soon as time was called but neither of us could pull out a win in time.

Round 7: Ninetales WW 1-1-5

This round is how I wanted the day to go. Just KO after KO both games. Got my first win of the day. I think this was the only game I did not Foul Play a GX move. At this point in time I've long since just been shooting for only losing one game and the “dream” is still alive!

Round 8: ??? WW 2-1-5

My opponent did not show up this round. Fortunately for me, sitting in one place for minutes on end is one of my strong points. Boo yeah, two wins!

Round 9: Umbreon/Zoroark/Eeveelutions LWT 2-1-6

Didn't start out very well. I prized a lot of my Zoroark line and Umbreon was able to snipe away at my bench a little too much. Game two was fun. Shadow Bullets were flying and Mind Jacks were running wild. At one point I Foul Played Tapu Cure to heal nearly 400 damage in total off my benched Scizors. By now I had a pretty good feel of how today was going. I told my opponent we would probably set up Game three just in time for time to be called. Sure enough, a few seconds into Game three time was called. We called it a tie and cleaned up our cards.

In hindsight, this deck was built waaaay too Garb focused. My testing had gone very well so I really wanted to try to do well with a deck that would turn a lot of heads. Steven was pretty useful but I would drop it if given another crack at that tournament. Without changing things too much I would drop all 4 Steven and Carbink in favor of 1 Professor's Letter, 2 Skyla, and 2 VS Seeker. In my opinion this deck had a lot of potential and I don't regret playing it as I ended up having a blast when it was all said and done.

It's like I always say, It's only “wrong” until it works! Until next time, Dead Drawers!

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