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Toxa-Penny for your thoughts?

Keith Nieves Deck Lab DeckLab Eevee Espeon Espeon GX EX Garb Garbodor GX Mareanie Mewtwo EX Poison Poison Barb Psychic Shaymin Toapex Toxapex GX Trubbish


Hello, my name is Keith Nieves and welcome to my very first article here at Dead Draw Gaming. Today I will be reviewing as well as analyzing the legit power of the new Toxapex Gx, which release in Japa in the Sun and Moon Strengthening Expansion and will likely release in Guardians Rising in the US. We will also be looking at some cards that may work well with Toxapex GX, as well as check out a fun little list just to get an idea as to how this card can be put to work. This is by far my favorite card of the upcoming expansion so far. Aside from it being a cool looking Pokémon, the card itself is absolutely insane.



Let’s dive right in shall we? First off, 210 HP for a stage one is not bad at all. Other stage ones like Umbreon GX and Espeon GX both only have 200 HP. Since it is a stage one you will need to get out that Mareanie as soon as you can in order to start going to town on your opponents. It has a weakness to psychic which isn’t a surprise and Toxapex GX does have a hefty retreat cost, three to be exact, so make sure you pack your float stones, escape ropes and even an Olympia or two just in case. 

Now for the attacks. For one psychic energy it has the attack "SPIKE CANNON", which states, "Flip 4 coins. This attack does 30 damage times the number of heads." Personally I have never been a fan of coin flip attacks, as my luck is disastrous, but I can definitely see it having its uses early game, and if you’re luckier than I then you may be in good shape, especially being that this attack only costs one energy.

Now this attack right here - man, oh man - for three psychic energies you have the attack "ULTRA TOXIC POISON". This bad boy allows you to put 10… yes 10 damage counters on the active Pokémon between turns. That is literally 100 damage every time someone passes turn.  Not to mention that if we’re talking expanded format, you can throw out a Virbank City Gym and you’re doing 130 between each turn.  I mean WOW! Talk about a game changer!  And if that wasn’t enough its GX attack "TOXA-SHELTER GX" does a booming 150 for three psychic energies and also prevents all effects of attacks including damage done to this Pokémon. 



- Espeon GX: With the new Eevee and its energy evolution ability, this gives you a solid psychic attacker to get things going early while setting up your Toxapex GX. Plus, for one psychic energy you can hit for 30 and automatically confuse your opponent.

- Lunala GX: Yes, it’s a stage 2 Pokemon, but hear me out. The ability, Psychic Transfer, is very similar to Aromatisse and its Fairy Transfer ability. While stacking energy on Lunala and holding down the fort you can get Toxapex GX ready and boom! Start moving those energies and let the poison flow through your opponents.

-Timer Ball: Pretty simple: flip two coins for each heads and you can grab an evolution Pokemon from your deck. This means you can grab a Toxapex GX if you're having a hard time finding him, or maybe grab Cosmoem and Lunala to complete that line. Or even grab yourself a Garb to get that ability lock in place.

-Professor Kukui: This card will be a 1-of staple in most decks moving forward. It literally gives you draw power while adding 20 extra damage to your attack. Need i say more?

-Garbodor: If you're running Lunala GX, Garb may not be your best option. I'm throwing him in here because of his typing as well as his ability to shut down everyone else's abilities. I can’t count how many times Garb has saved my skin in a match.

-Poison Barb: This is a tool card that poisons any attacking pokemon. I mean, we are basing these cards around a GX Pokemon that poisons and does 100 between every turn. Just saying, why not? lol.

Now those are just some cards that seem to go well with the new upcoming Toxapex Gx. Most of the cards mentioned above are just Sun and Moon cards. I'm sure there are plenty more from prior sets that will make this deck flow. To prove that, here is my primary rough draft Toxapex Gx Standard deck.

Pokemon: 15

2 - Shaymin EX

3 - Mareanie

3 - Toxapex GX

2 - Eevee

2 - Espeon GX

2 - Trubbish

1 - Garbodor


Trainer Cards: 32

4 - Ultra Ball

4 - Vs Seeker

4 - Trainers' Mail

2 - Poison Barb

4 - Professor Sycamore

3 - N

2 - Lysandre

2 - Timer Ball

3 - Float Stone

1 - Escape Rope

1 - Professor Kukui

2 - Parallel City


Energy: 13

9 - Psychic Energy

4 - Double Colorless Energy


As mentioned above, this is a rough draft, but considering the cards we currently have I don’t think this is all too bad. You have your consistency items, some solid switching cards, good draw support, two solid attackers, and one massive disruption Pokémon that has won plenty of games - Garbodor. Yes, he will nullify my Shaymin EX, however, there are plenty of decks that are running Shaymin with Garb. You just need to know how and when to play these cards. Get your Shaymin out early to Set Up the rest of your field, then drop Garb a turn or two later and you should be in good shape.

Needless to say you all can see why I’m excited for this card to be released. Throw it into just about any psychic based deck and it may be viable. Heck, who knows? Depending on what other cards come out with the new expansion, Toxapex GX could be a standalone juggernaut all by itself.  Now I’ve let you in on my favorite card for the upcoming expansion. It’s time to let me know what’s yours? Leave a comment below or on Facebook. Thanks!

-Keith Nieves


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  • Ian Stephenson on

    I’ve been playing toxapex-gx at local league, and been hitting above my usual level… couple of gotchas/comments:

    toxapex-gx+verbank is 120 – verbank is “2 MORE”. Also if you’re focusing on toxapex, switch out the kukuis (for hau) – they do 20 MORE damage, but first you need to do SOME damage. The cool thing about toxapex-gx is that it does 0 damage, which unfortunately means they won’t trigger the 20 extra. However that also means they won’t trigger bursting balloons, poison barbs, exp-shares, or wishful buttons (cue sad face when you explain this to your opponent!).

    Also watch out for the poison barb…I’ve not got an official ruling on this, but on TCGO, it will REDUCE your poison from toxapex-gx’s 10x back to a standard 1×.

    Add in some regular toxapex – so when you’re opponent retreats he’s hit with poison again!

    Of course since you wrote this burning shadows Seviper has been released… extra 10 on the poison.

    and of course if you’re in expanded hypnotixic laser is your best friend for a first turn knockout!

  • Dale Williams on

    Just got Toxapex GX today from grabbing a random booster pack of Guardians Rising and OMG this card is a beast…. I’m driving all my kids crazy by beating their Pokemon decks with it.

  • Rosie on

    Great article! I’m running a Lunala deck and JUST got a full art at a prerelease. This card is definitely going in that deck.

  • Rosie on

    Great article! I’m running a Lunala deck and JUST got a full art at a prerelease. This card is definitely going in that deck.

  • Stefanos on

    I am thinking that maybe Lunala GX is the better option here. Playing Lunala allows you access to Max Potion, which in conjunction with Toxapex’ GX attack makes the deck much more defensive than it normally is. In such a scenario, Alolan Muk or Wobbuffet GEN are viable alternatives to Garbodor.
    Lunala GX also gives you access to Max Elixir, providing you with the energy acceleration Toxapex GX so desperately needs. This is especially true if you include some strong basic Psychic Pokemon in the deck, like Tapu Lele GX or Mewtwo GEN.

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