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Toppling Through Legacy!

Cody Michael Graham

Hello again, DeadDraw Readers! It's Cody, and I have another spicy list that's sure to attract a niche group of the Pokemon community, and in a format I have never even dipped my toes into before now. Aggron, in Legacy!

Right away, you might be thinking Mega Aggron isn't legal in Legacy, and you'd be right. We are actually going to be playing the Stage 2 Aggron with the Toppling Wind ability, which reads "When you play this Pokemon from your hand to evolve one of your Pokemon, you may discard the top 3 cards from your opponent's deck." Now, Mill Decks are a great way to learn how to play any game, as they really drive home important game aspects, mainly resource management and the ability to plan out a few turns in advance. So since a lot of the cards in Legacy are cards I don't see very often, and the format is entirely new to me, I decided to play it safe, and play mill.

Pokemon (18)

2x Snorlax PLS

3x Sableye DEX

4x Aron DRX

4x Lairon DRX

4x Aggron DRX

1x Sigilyph DRX

Trainers (38)

4x Devolution Spray

2x Enhanced Hammer

1x Escape Rope

2x Heavy Ball

1x Hypnotoxic Laser

3x Level Ball

2x Pokemon Catcher

2x Random Receiver

1x Super Rod

2x Tool Scrapper

1x Town Map

2x Ultra Ball

4x N

4x Professor Juniper

4x Skyla

2x Tropical Beach

2x Float Stone

1x Life Dew

Energy (4)

4x Dark 


Jumping straight into the list, the Pokemon are pretty easy to appreciate. Naturally, we play a thick 4-4-4 line of Aggron, since we want to get them rolling early, and hopefully can get all 4 down during the game, some even a couple times or more. After this, we have our stalling Pokemon: Sigilyph and Snorlax. Sigilyph has the Safeguard ability, and in a format with no Hex Maniac, that's a huge nuisance, making it very difficult for EX decks to deal with. Snorlax has the ability "Block" which reads "When this Pokemon is your active Pokemon, your opponent's active Pokemon cannot retreat." This is especially difficult for decks that rely on Keldeo/Float Stone to move their board around, which, frankly, is most Legacy format decks that I've seen. Decks will occasionally play an Escape Rope or something, but that's not going to save them from Snorlax. Then, lastly, we have trusty old Sableye with that Junk Hunt attack which allows you to retrieve two item cards from your discard for just a single Dark energy.

The Trainer cards are the real gravy in this deck. First, Tropical Beach adds fantastic early game consistency to the list, expediting Aggron lines to the bench. Additionally, opponents who don't understand what you are doing are likely to play down their own hands to draw off of Beach, speeding up their eventual loss. The Supporters aren't overly exciting, and are pretty standard as far as I could tell, with four Sycamore, four N and a couple Skyla. I added some Random Receivers also, to compensate for the lower count of Supporters. For searching cards, I decided to go with three Level Ball, two Ultra Ball and 2 Heavy Ball. Level Ball can search out Aron, Lairon, Sableye and Sigilyph, so it seemed logical to have more of these, Ultra Ball can search out everything, but you don't always want to throw away a lot of your cards, Heavy Ball can search Lairon, Aggron and Snorlax. For tools we just have the two Float Stones, which are mainly just used to move something active for whatever situation you might be facing (lock Keldeo active with Snorlax, Junk Hunt for Dev Sprays, park a Sigilyph in front of a bunch of EXs, etc), but we also have Life Dew, which is definitely the Ace Spec of choice. Life Dew makes your opponent take one fewer Prize Cards when they KO whatever had Life Dew attached, and since it's an Item card, it can be recovered with Junk Hunt to be used multiple times per game. Two Scrapper and two Enhanced Hammer to make things difficult, then a full set of Devolution Sprays, to allow you to reuse those Aggrons multiple times per game.

One thing about the list I'm still on the fence about is the Town Map/Laser combo. Playing Town Map can allow you to see what is prized, and the single Laser can be used to steal a prize. You should never try to win a game by prizes with this deck, but if you have to opportunity to maybe grab a card you think you'll need (Life Dew, Enhanced Hammer against something like TDK, pieces of Aggron that were prized, etc) then it could really be handy.

For my first time in Legacy, this was a really fun deck! Legacy can be a really fun way to break up the grind that is Standard at the moment and play some fun older decks, and even uncover some wild strategies like Toppling Wind Aggron.

Until next time, keep it right here on Don't forget to check out the Podcasts and Roundtables discussions as well for some insight to whats going on in with DDG and the competitive meta respectively!

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