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Keith Nieves Brooklet Hill Eevee EX Field Blower Flareon Guardians Rising GX Jolteon Lycanroc Rockruff Shaymin SM1 SM2 Special Charge Sudowoodo Tapu Lele Vaporeon

What’s going on Dead Draw readers?! Keith here again with another article. This time I’m going to be discussing some great cards from the new Sun and Moon Guardians Rising set, mainly the new Midnight Form Lycanroc GX, as well as my reasoning for certain cards in the deck list.

For a long time now, Fighting decks haven’t really been a thing in Standard, minus of course Zygarde EX / Carbink Break (which only saw limited success). There have been a few mid tier Fighting decks like Primal Groudon/ Wobbuffet, but without Korrina, Fighting Stadium, and Focus Sash, Fighting decks just haven’t been able to do particularly well. Yes, it can beat up on Turbo Dark, but other than that the match ups aren’t too favorable. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to build a deck that can only handle one deck in the meta. Therefore, this deck list is a nice healthy blend of everything to counter multiple decks in the meta game right now.

So, without further ado, I introduce you to my version of Lycanroc GX / Eeveelutions. Enjoy!!!



Rockruff x4 (GR)

Lycanroc GX x4 (GR)

Eevee x2 (AOR)

Jolteon x1 (AOR)

Flareon x1 (AOR)

Vaporeon x1 (AOR)

Tapu Lele x1 (GR)

Shaymin EX x2 (ROS)

Sudowoodo x1 (GR)




Level Ball x2

Choice Band x2

Ultra Ball x4

Trainers Mail x4

Vs Seeker x4

Float Stone x2

Escape Rope x1

Field Blower x1

Special Charge x1

Super Rod x1

Prof Sycamore x3

N x 3

Lysandre x1

Brooklet Hill x2




Double Colorless energy x4

Strong energy x4

Fighting energy x4




Reasons behind certain choices for the deck:


LYSANDRE: While Lycanroc’s Blood Thirsty Eyes ability is practically a Lysandre once you evolve it, there are a few ways in Standard your abilities can be shut down, namely Garbodor and Hex Maniac. Field Blower in the deck (which I will discuss in a bit) makes Garbodor slightly less of an issue, but if your abilities do get shut off, you’ll need a way to pull your opponent’s Pokémon from the bench. Having that one Lysandre in the deck is essential, even with your main attacker’s ability being very similar. You can even pair Lysandre with Lycanroc’s ability for some clutch plays! For example:

Your opponent has Glaceon EX in the active and just hit you with Crystal Ray, so now your evolved Pokémon can’t hurt it. Well, you evolve your Rockruff into a Lycanroc GX, switch out the Glaceon EX (negating the effect of Crystal Ray), and then use Lysandre to bring it right back up to get a possible KO (110 + 30 band + 20 Strong Energy) that’s 160, or 180 if you attach 2 Strong energy on it.


FIELD BLOWER: We finally have a card that can stop that pesky Garb from putting us under ability lock! Not only is it a great counter to Garbodor, but it can also remove stadiums like Forest of Giant Plants or any other stadium that may be hindering you in the match. Being able to remove Float Stones, Fighting Fury Belts, Choice Bands, etc. is just too good not to have in any deck.

SPECIAL CHARGE: With the deck running 8/12 special energies, I really feel this is a must have in the deck. Running two copies of this card isn’t a terrible idea, I just wasn’t able to find the room for a second one.

TAPU LELE:  Until Shaymin EX rotates out (if it rotates…), Tapu Lele GX will be a one-of in almost every deck; it’s too good not to be in every deck! Tapu Lele has a very good ability as well as a monster attack. It’s also a basic Pokémon so therefore if you do get Glaceon-locked, there’s your second attacker ready to do work. Need I say more?

BROOKLET HILL: This stadium can make your set up much easier. Brooklet Hill allows you to search for a basic Fighting type Pokémon once per turn, so it can bring out a Rockruff or Sudowoodo without needing to waste an Ultra Ball.

SUDOWOODO: The ability Roadblock limits your opponent’s bench to 4, which in a format full of Shaymin, Tapu Lele, and the occasional Rayquaza, bench denial is huge. Plus, Sudowoodo can be a non-EX/GX pinch hitter which benefits from the four Strong Energy being run in this deck. Not too shabby! The only slight downside is that this Pokemon will limit Lycanroc's Dangerous Rogue GX attack to a maximum base damage of 200. Choice Band and Strong Energy should be able to help make up the difference, though.

LEVEL BALL: I chose to use Level Ball over Nest Ball because of the Eeveelutions. Level Ball can grab all of them, as well as Rockruffs. Nest Ball would only help grab Sudowoodo, which can be targeted by Ultra Ball or Brooklet Hill, anyway.



This list is built to basically try and counter the big, heavy-hitting decks in the meta right now. Lycanroc GX counters Darkrai, and the eeveelutions counter almost anything else (Volcanion, Lurantis, Decidueye, Rayquaza). Aside from Mewtwo and Gardevoir (which still aren’t terrible matchups), I truly think this deck will fare well in future tournaments. Some changes will need to be made based on your local meta and how Guardians Rising shakes up Standard, but for now this is what I’ve come up with. I hope you all enjoyed this quick deck analysis, and let me know what ideas you may have for this deck going forward. Thanks!


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