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DDG Deck Lab: Fright Night Yveltal

Cody Michael Graham

Hello again, Dead Draw Readers! It's Cody, and we have another exciting deck this week, just in time for Orlando Regionals: Fright Night Yveltal.

Fright Night Yveltal isn't new to the competitive scene. This card has been included as a staple in most Dark decks since it was printed for it's awesome power of spreading heavy damage to Pokemon EX and for it's interesting ability which negates the effects of tool cards while it is in the active position.

Now that the early meta is largely revolving around big EX attackers, the capability to attack for 60 while also doing 60 to a benched EX can allow for some really big plays. That means this deck has a lot going for it as far as anti-EX goes, which, especially after the meta starts to become more defined could potentially be really strong.

Big hype early into the season has been largely on Mega Evolution Pokemon, and there are a few things that all of these decks have in common: EX attackers and Spirit Links. As we've already mentioned, Fright Night Yveltal can shred EX decks AND when Yveltal is in the active spot, those Spirit Links will be worthless, requiring your opponent to burn the turn in order to evolve into their Mega Evolution.

So, Yveltal is our main attacker, let's discuss the supporting cast. I chose to include a single copy of Yveltal from XY, just for Oblivion Wing being able to set up plays and recycling energy late in the game. Yveltal EX and Darkrai EX are options for bulkier attackers, although I feel like it might be more prudent to choose one rather than play both, and if I were to choose I would likely take Yveltal EX just for a stronger cannon attacker, and better synergy with Ninja Boy. Mew is a essentially a counter against Mewtwo, but it's got a lot of utility in other matchups as well for being an additional attacker and a free retreater. Then, naturally, a couple Shaymin to keep up drawing through the deck.

The big ticket in this deck has got to be Umbreon EX. Yveltal doesn't knock out much in one hit, in fact, he usually sets up a lot of knockouts after several attacks, and while doing that, you're likely go down a couple prizes against Mega Evolution Pokemon. Well, between Ninja Boy, Mew and Umbreon you have a lot of options for taking your last four prizes against a Mega Evolution Pokemon.

After playing this deck for a while, I'm very convinced it's a definite contender early on in standard. This deck has pretty solid matchups all around as long as you're able to abuse Pitch Black Spear and Fright Night and Take advantage of Umbreon's Endgame whenever possible.

Good luck to everyone in Orlando, and until next week DeadDraw Readers, keep it right here on DeadDrawGaming!



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