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Is Stall/Control/Mill Good? Roanoke Recap

Dan Garman

Welcome to episode 111, Dead Drawers!

This week, Dan, Danny, and Darrin begin the main section of the podcast with a look back at Roanoke. Huge congrats to Team DDG's Jimmy Pendarvis for winning back to back North American Regionals! Then, all three of us converge on this week's theme: Stall/Control/Mill decks. From gigantic Big Basics, to a never ending loop of Supporters, these decks have some formidable tools and have begun to make waves in the meta. Join us as we give our opinions on whether or not this archetype is good for the format, and what, if anything, should be done about it.

Then, our Weekly Top 5 goes over which five cards we would ban in Standard. Afterwards, we take a look in the DDG Mailbag and answer a question about how to handle a troublesome League player.

There are a lot of hard-hitting topics this week and a TON of room for debate, so let us know what you think of stall/control/mill in the comments below. Thanks!

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