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FOUR-PEAT, Portland in Review, Top 5 Lost Thunder Trainers

Dan Garman

Welcome to episode 107, Dead Drawers! This week Dan, Danny, and Darrin celebrate Team DDG's 4th(out of 4) major US event win in a row! Massive congrats go out to Jimmy Pendarvis for taking home the win with Zoroark/Seimitoad. This team is amazing!! We also discuss the rest of the day two decks and try to figure out what we were surprised to see and what failed to make as much of an impact as we thought.

Then Dan and Danny talk about our Lost Thunder opening night. Laughs were shared, packs were opened, and a master set was nearly completed. Finally we end with our Top 5 favorite Lost Thunder Trainer cards, Danny's Buy/Sell/Trade, and a plea from Dan to join us on our now public Discord channel. We had a lot of fun recording this one, and we hope you enjoy it, too. Thanks!

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