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Dead Draw Gaming: A Pokemon TCG Start Up S1E1

Daniel Oesterreich

Dead Draw Gaming is a Pokemon TCG Start Up formed by 3 friends from basically across the United States. We have all been in love with the competitive side of the Pokemon TCG for quite some time so we figured it would be a great idea to turn what we love and know into an actual business.

This unique podcast will feature a weekly conference call to give everyone the ins and outs of what we are trying to accomplish. We will of course be talking about the competitive game frequently as well as Pokemon news, but we will be focusing our call mainly on growing our business and turning it into what will one day be extremely successful.

Since we are all very new to the business world, we love feedback and ideas so please feel free to discuss any suggestions or tips you might have and we look forward to providing you with some entertaining content for a long time to come!


Check out Episode 1 by Clicking on the title below!

Dead Draw Gaming: A Pokemon TCG Start Up S1E1


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