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A Pokemon TCG Startup Podcast (E28) - "It's Pretty Good..."

Daniel Oesterreich

What's up Dead Draw Family and welcome to Episode 28 of Dead Draw Gaming: A Pokemon TCG Startup Podcast!!!

Darrin, Dan, and Danny shy away from the business talk this week to talk about some important pressing matters involving our community.

Join us as we discuss our thoughts and opinions behind the cost level for Madison Regionals, cheating and whether or not it is a problem in our community, and the overall state of attitude among our player base!

As always, we also cover a vast array of Pokemon news, answer our Question of the Week, and discuss our Buy/Sell/Trade of the week!

As always, please let us know what you think and be sure to share this with your friends! We really appreciate the support we have been given and consider ourselves truly blessed to have such an amazing group of fans!


A Pokemon TCG Startup Podcast (E28) - "It's Pretty Good..."

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