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A Pokemon TCG Startup Podcast (E23) - The Mysterious "Danny Box"

Daniel Oesterreich

What's going on Dead Drawers and welcome to Episode 23 of Dead Draw Gaming: A Pokemon TCG Startup Podcast! Here is a breakdown of our show for you this week:

1. Recap/Plans/Danny Box - Start
2. Pokémon News - 16:40
3. Australia Results - 29:14
4. When are we no longer a start up? - 36:53
5. What sales items should we be focusing on? How can we make this business profitable? - 52:28
6. Buy/Sale of the week - 1:06:30
7. Question of the week - 1:14:38
8. Open Discussion - 1:17:03
9. Wrap

As always, I just want to give a special thanks to all of those who have been so supportive. The business means the world to us and we could never even dream of this being successful without wonderful people like you supporting us every step of the way!


A Pokemon TCG Startup Podcast (E23) - The Mysterious "Danny Box"

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