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A Pokemon TCG Startup Podcast (E.30) Guardians Rising is Here!!!

Daniel Oesterreich

What's up Dead Drawers and welcome to episode 30 of Dead Draw Gaming: A Pokemon TCG Startup Podcast!

Join Danny, Dan, and Darrin as we break down the most recent news involving Pokemon and touch base on some hot topics in our community.

This week's episode sticks a little more to the business side of things as we talk about the stress behind the Guardians Rising set release, review our weekend stream of over 700 packs being opened, and talk about ways to improve our overall quality.

We also touch on Madison Regionals as we have hit the 1 mark of being only 1 month away!

As always, we address our Question of the Week and our Buy/Sell/Trade of the week and introduce a brand new "Danny Box" you for sure don't want to miss!

Like a broken record, I want to make sure to give a huge shout out to all of you for your support! You guys are amazing and make this business so much fun. We can never give enough thanks to you all


A Pokemon TCG Startup Podcast (E.30) Guardians Rising is Here!!!

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