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A Pokemon TCG Startup Podcast (E 27) I Wanna Be a Shooting Star!

Daniel Oesterreich

What's Going on Dead Drawers, and welcome to Episode 27 of Dead Draw Gaming: A Pokemon TCG Startup Podcast!

This week, Danny, Darrin, and Dan tackle a plethora of Pokemon news and speculation pertaining to both the TCG and VGC platforms!

We also dive into the results from the most recent Regional tournament in Utah, and Darrin gives a break down of his weekend involving back to back League Cups that he had the pleasure of running!

Our main topic this week revolves around our thoughts and opinions involving Teams and Sponsorships in the competitive format. Is this a good idea for the community?

We wrap up our episode with our Question of the Week as well as our Buy/Sell/Trade of the week, and discuss some additional details as we inch closer towards Madison.

Thanks again to all the support you guys have given us. We have finally hit our first goal on Patreon and couldn't be more appreciative of all your support. If you would like to check us out on Patreon, feel free to head over to to see if you would be interested in any of our rewards tiers!

A Pokemon TCG Startup Podcast (E 27) I Wanna Be a Shooting Star!

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