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A Pokemon TCG Startup Podcast (E.25) - "Knuckles to the Grindstone"

Daniel Oesterreich

Hey Dead Drawers and welcome to week 25 of our podcast!

Join Danny, Darrin, and Dan this week as we break down our last week's events, discuss our plans for the upcoming week, and unveil a brand new "Danny Box!"

We also cover a vast majority of Pokemon News, and discuss results from the most recent Regional event in Portland where the "Prince of Darkness" once again reigns supreme.

Our main topic this week deals all with accountability and some insight into what the number 65 means so make sure to check out this week's Pod and let us know what you think!

As always, thanks so much for your support! We wouldn't be anywhere without you guys and it means so much to us that you have checked us out on so many different platforms!


A Pokemon TCG Startup Podcast (E.25) - "Knuckles to the Grindstone"

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