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A New Pokemon - Meltan! Top 5 Weirdest Looking Pokemon, Memphis Checklist

Dan Garman

There is a brand new Pokemon and its name is Meltan! This strange and cute little dude rocked the entire community over the weekend and now it's official! We talk about that news, as well as some really cool Dark Order card leaks, like Bisharp and Jirachi, plus a whole lot more.

Then, Danny dives into our Memphis checklist to see where we are at in terms of preparation. Dan and Darrin hop in to bounce ideas off each other about everything from how to get product across 600+ miles as cost effectively as possible, to what kind of things we can do with our vendor space to attract customers. A whole lot of business stuff in this main topic!

Finally, we finish off the episode with a really fun Top 5 and a more serious Mailbag section. This is definitely one episode you don't want to miss!

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